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If you are interested in a commissioned painting or more information on prices send me a message. I love making custom paintings for clients and I specialize in pets, abstracts, portraits (except front facing), houses and flowers. Pricing varies by subject because of the time and materials.

And if you have any other questions such as additional sizes and prices or custom abstract prices please feel free to contact me


Pet Portrait Head Shot Prices: 

6x6, 5x7 - $50

8x10 - $80

9x12 - $115

11x14 - $150               *most popular

$20 for each additional pet on the same canvas



Oil on canvas and panel (flowers, landscapes, seascapes, figure paintings, houses)

6x6 - $35                20x20 $300

8x8 - $60                20x24 $350

8x10 - $75               24x36 $400

9x12 - $95

11x14 - $l25

14x18 - $150

16x20 - $250

Please contact for custom abstract quotes. Designers are welcome to inquire about wholesale prices.

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